A Fusion of Fashion & Sustainability

Spring Collection 2024

Handmade in the Philadelphia studio.

Locally sourced, unused deadstock textiles of canvas, cotton, vinyl, twill, linen and denim were this season's finds.

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Industrial Net Collection

Used nylon net (a multipurpose material used for fishing/construction) is removed from the environment in in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These materials are layered to create a a sleek new textile. 

Supporting this brand offers the artisans:

  • 13-month annual salary
  • Free healthcare
  • Free daycare 
  • Economic independence
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Repurposed Canvas Collection

In India designers are making hearty canvas totes with a vintage feel reusing military & commercial canvas. 

This brand supports:

  1. Repurposing canvas, burlap, tent materials both military & commercial
  2. Vocational training for women in cutting, tailoring & sewing perpetuating
     job stability
  3. Employment to break the cycle of poverty with income-generating projects in a safe work environment
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Locally Sourced

Hand Selected Textiles

The Greater Philadelphia area's textile recycling movement is having a renaissance. The goal is shifting the local textile system into a circular one that seeks to eliminate waste, keeps textiles in use for longer periods & redesigns end-of-life materials into new, usable items. 

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Small Batch Production

Small Batch Production is distinguished by quality, locally sourced & manufactured items that are produced on a smaller scale with slower production time. It also includes spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece is quality made.


Why Slow Fashion?

In response to the fashion industry's impact on the climate crisis we created City Totes as a solution for unused textiles.

The Slow Fashion movement encourages a variety of sustainable practices, including environmental consideration to water usage, waste & landfill diversion. The principles of slow fashion include: sustainable materials, fewer collections, fair trade, minimizing waste, making great use of resources and transparency.

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